Organically Grown Email Lists — The Inside Track For Agencies

When it comes to client email campaigns, agencies have a challenge: Many clients don’t have a quality email list. Purchasing a list can kill deliverability, so your agency must organically grow a clean email list. But how do you do that?

On Thursday, December 10, join this webcast with Daniel Faggella, an email and marketing automation expert from CLVboost, and Act-On Software’s Angela Meadows, to learn why email success can’t be bought and how to grow an organic email list.

Register now for “Organically Grown Email Lists — Your Agency’s Inside Track,” produced by our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, and sponsored by Act-On Software.

Daniel Faggella is an email marketing and marketing automation expert with an obsession for customer lifetime value. He runs CLVboost, a boutique email marketing consultancy in Cambridge, MA, and regularly speaks on email marketing strategy. His clients range from venture-backed startup companies to eCommerce businesses to established brick-and-mortar businesses.

Angela Meadows spent more than 10 years as an associate VP of marketing and communications for an insurance brokerage firm with Fortune 500 clients. She also has five+ years’ experience working with private companies, entrepreneurial clients and non-profit organizations as an independent branding consultant, content strategist and writer.

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